Welcome to RMO

Hello and welcome to the next phase of our expansion. Many of you may know us from our very active page on Facebook. If you don’t, then you need to! www.facebook.com/rescuemeohio We hope that you will continue to follow us here and read about our journey that began 1 year ago.

We are advocates for homeless and abused companion animals in Ohio. We want to create change. We want to help animals leave shelters alive and end up in happy homes. We would like to use this site to write about the ups and downs of animal rescue. We want to keep you posted with happy updates, educate you with stats & facts, urge you to get involved and keep you aware of what is going on.

We know that some images we post will be difficult to see, but we feel it is important to share the truth with you. We could ignore animal abuse, pretend it doesn’t exist, but that wouldn’t solve the issue. In reality the more people who wake up and get angry about the way companion animals are treated, the more things will change. We have a ton of exciting ideas for the year 2013. Stay with us for more!!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to RMO

  1. Hey, I love reading your wonderful mission and page. Just introduced your blog to my Twitter followers and hit the LIKE button for Facebook. Psst, a little SEO bird told me “Google+ helps blogs rise in page rank,” so I’m off to share RMO.


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