We’ve Got the Zoomies for our Birthday!

Whoever said that getting older isn’t fun was never part of an organization like this!  Here at Rescue Me Ohio, we were proud to celebrate our first anniversary at the Zoom Room in Columbus.  In true animal rescuer fashion, though, we graciously shared our joy with our spotlight rescue, Measle’s Animal Haven Pit Bull Rescue and Sanctuary.  Measle’s rescuers and their five adoptable dog were the true stars of last night’s show.

So what did you miss if you couldn’t attend last night?

A great venue

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If you haven’t been to this place, you need to check it out!  Not only is it a pet store and dog training facility, dogs can have parties there!  For a great price, dogs get two hours to romp around with their doggie friends, have a mini-training lesson on the agility equipment, and then have a doggie disco (and yes, there are disco balls!).  Oh, and they get a peanut butter doggie cake, too!  We had a great time there not only because the facility is great, but because the owner, Becky (pictured above) is one of the coolest, nicest people you’ll ever meet!  We can’t wait to partner with her again in April.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details on that event!

Awesome raffle prizes


Thanks to generous and creative donors, we had some wonderful raffle baskets!  We had a spa basket, doggie dad basket, beautiful clutches that were made without harming any animals, dog toy basket, among many others!  Lucky winner got to take home great prizes and all proceeds from raffle ticket sales went home with Measle’s.

Beautiful adoptable dogs

Being that the event was at the Zoom Room, we just had to have dogs there!  A total of five adoptable dogs came from Measle’s and they were a hit!

62919_10151409407931558_700190252_n 553033_10151409403966558_706335413_n 64218_10151409407286558_1537265012_n

Their bios and pictures are even pinned to an adoption board at Zoom Room so they get even more exposure.

Generous donations

Although the event was free and sponsored by Rescue Me Ohio, we asked that people in attendance bring a donation for Measle’s as a small entry fee.  But we were blown away by the generosity of our guests–just look at all the wonderful things the rescue now has, all thanks to you!  It’s hard to believe, but there were even more donations not pictured here that were already loaded up.


Food and cake

What’s a birthday party without food and birthday cake?!  Of course, the dogs had their own very special Three Dog Bakery cake donated by the Zoom Room.


But, best of all, the party was special because of you, our fans, our followers, our supporters.  We would not be as successful at rescuing animals if it weren’t for you all sharing and posting!  We are hitting the ground running in 2013 and have a lot of exciting things in store for you, so keep checking back as we grow.  This is going to be the best year yet for animals in Ohio–we can feel it and we will do it!


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