See what That Animal Lady has to say about emotions when fostering!

That Animal Lady

Although there are a lot of great articles and stories written about fostering, and about how wonderful yet difficult it can be, few of them mention the range of emotions you feel and when you feel them.  It reminds me of an important concept in international education (which is my day job), called The U-Curve of Cultural Adaptation, which deals with how one goes through a strange pattern of emotions when living in a new culture by choice.  Nowadays, the concept has evolved to a W-Curve, illustrating a repeating pattern of ups and downs, but we’ll stick with the U-Curve for now because it’s easier.

Basically, the U-Curve illustrates how when you first enter a new culture, there is a short “honeymoon” period where everything is new and exciting, you’re so happy to be there.  Then something happens where you start to decline, hit a depression phase (the bottom…

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