“Have a heart, foster!” February Fundraiser

As you may have noticed from our Facebook page, Rescue Me Ohio’s February spotlight rescue is Changing Hearts Rescue from Newton Falls, Ohio.


A little bit about them:

Changing Hearts Rescue was started in November of 2011 by two animal lovers who met while fostering for another rescue. When they first started, their main focus was on helping pet owners place dogs they could no longer keep. Eventually they expanded to helping pounds, as well as even a few breeder surrender dogs. Today, they also take special needs dogs.

Changing Hearts use foster homes for the dogs they rescue. They believe that providing the animals they rescue with foster homes enables them to successfully place them into permanent homes. This is because while the dogs are in foster homes, it is easier to monitor how they will react to everyday occurrences, such as door bells, vacuum cleaners, televisions, etc. Keeping the dogs in a shelter
environment does not provide the best assessment of how they will behave with a family.

Changing Hearts doesn’t euthanize when they don’t have available foster homes. Any dog already placed in a foster home remains there until a forever home is found. If a dog comes into rescue and there isn’t an available foster, the dog will be kenneled until a foster home becomes available. This is a temporary measure; a dog will not remain kenneled any longer than it takes a foster to become available.

The rescue screens all potential fosters and all potential adopters. There is an application process that must be adhered to and anyone who wants to adopt must first be approved through the organization. Once a dog joins its adoptive family, the adopter is required to keep the rescue updated. They require adopters to update them after the first two weeks of adoption, followed by a 6 month update, and then a yearly update.

Currently, Changing Hearts focuses on dogs, but in the future they are considering taking in cats and other small animals. Additionally, they hope to set up a special fund to help people who cannot afford vet care for their own animals because due to a change in their financial circumstances.

Should this rescue find that they cannot place a dog, they will reach out to other rescues for help.

As you might have noticed, our goal with spotlight rescue is to have at least one event and a fundraiser.  This month’s fundraiser was graciously offered by an RMO fan, Tracy, and her delicious Tastefully Simple products.  I’ve used their products for years and they make dinners delicious and easy, and the dip mixes are definite crowd-pleasers!   This month’s special is a tasty Valentine’s Day product, a Very Cherry Cheeseball an Chocolate Twisty Grahams.  530699_10152519264845235_1085685620_n

Just click here to order under the fundraiser: http://tinyurl.com/bzbmnyl.  All proceeds benefit Changing Hearts Rescue!

Be on the lookout for details about our adoption event with Changing Hearts on February 16th!


If you are an Independent Consultant/Sales Representative of a product line and would like to help raise funds for our spotlight rescues, please email Kristen, the Fundraising & Events Manager at ksummers@rescuemeohio.org.  


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