Be sure to thank those who support us Crazy Animal Rescuers, because we’re kind of a lot to take!

That Animal Lady

…And Why We’re the Hardest (Yet Easiest) People to Love

You know us animal rescuer-types–we work hard at our jobs and we do the animal rescue stuff for “fun” in our “down time.”  Yes, we are a crazy lot!  But we’re the crazies that will be able to save the world from itself one day or die trying.

While it takes a special person to be an animal rescuer– no matter which part of the community that a rescuer seeks out–it takes an even more special person to be with us.  It’s true!  Those special men and women who choose to be in a relationship with an animal rescuer don’t have an easy time of it, but they adore us anyway.

You don’t think it can be that difficult?  Here’s a rundown of a typical weekend in my animal rescuer life:


5:15 am–Dave gets up, let foster dog outside…

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