Oklahoma Horse Slaughtering Bills Pass House and Senate

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Feb 20, 2013, Oklahoma could soon allow the slaughter of horses for human consumption, ending a ban that has been in place in the state for close to 50 years, under a pair of bills easily approved Wednesday in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Both the House and Senate passed separate bills that would end the ban and allow a horse slaughtering plant to open in the state. Both measures still would ban the sale of horse meat for consumption in Oklahoma, but would allow for the meat to be exported to other countries. Read more:


Do you believe that killing horses for profit is completely unacceptable?

With the impending doom of slaughter plants reopening here in the United States, due to the recent AG Bill being signed by President Obama on November 18th 2011, which failed to include protection for horses against slaughter on our soil for the first time since 2006, it is vital that the public be learn the truth about and horse lovers learn how to protect their horses and themselves from this inherently cruel and dishonest industry.



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