Need a good read? Check out Friendly Fire!

That Animal Lady

So I’m reading Nathan Winograd’s latest book, Friendly Fire, which is, of course, excellent.  Mr. Winograd always has a great message and explains it expertly so that one can be awoken from complacency.  This book has a great format–really wide pages with a lot of infographics, illustrations, and pictures for those of us who have a hard time reading a textbook.  So, even if a person doesn’t read the whole thing, the point is easily understood in three pages or less.

People (even animal rescuers, sometimes) can buy into the “we must kill the animals in shelters for space because the public is a bunch of no-good people.”  People don’t like it, but they accept it.  And they accept it because the leading experts in “animal sheltering” such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS is a four-letter word to me!) and the ASPCA condone it…

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