An Afternoon With Local TNR Gurus

Show Us Your Tips! Ear tips, that is.

Last month, Stephanie Gonzalez (founder of Rescue Me Ohio) and I were fortunate enough to attend a short but informative Feral Cat Seminar at one of our favorite local rescue hangouts, One of A Kind Pets in Akron.  The seminar was taught by local trap/neuter/return (TNR) gurus, Jill Kirsch of Cripple Creek Ferals & Friends and Toby Franks of Rescue Ink and Frank’s Ferals.  It was such a great afternoon!  Jill and Toby are just such amazing people.

I have known about TNR for a few years now, but have never done it before.  And just because I knew about TNR, it doesn’t mean I knew how exactly this should be accomplished successfully!  I’m really glad I had this opportunity to learn about it.

What Jill and Toby discussed during the seminar:

  • What the difference is between feral cats and stray cats
  • Why TNR is the most effective and low-cost approach in controlling populations of feral cats (vs. traditional trap and kill methods)
  • How to be a feral cat colony caretaker
  • What are appropriate traps and where to get them
  • What you should do before, during and after trapping
  • Where to take the cats you’ve trapped and how to get them there
  • Why it’s important to get an ear tip
  • How to help the cats recover

…and more!

I took a lot of notes but don’t want to share them here, because Jill and Toby will be hosting these free seminars on a regular basis!  You can learn from the masters themselves!

The next one is April 27, 2013 at One of A Kind Pets.  Bring a notepad and pen, and perhaps a donation to the feral cat fund to help them continue their efforts.  I highly recommend it!



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