Balanced No Kill: A Realistic Ideal

That Animal Lady’s thoughts on a new philosophy called Balanced No Kill

That Animal Lady

It isn’t a secret that I’m a big fan of the No Kill Equation and Nathan Winograd as you might have read in my previous posts.  In fact, I will be attending the No Kill Conference in D.C. this July and I’m very excited to learn lots of new things!  The list of workshops looks amazing and I feel like that new college freshmen all over again, looking forward to learning!  (Yes, I was probably one of the few who didn’t dream of partying.)

As I was discussing the No Kill movement with the directors of Rescue Me Ohio one day, they opened my eyes to the fact that the revolution spends a lot of its time placing blame on shelters, which is completely contrary to the goals of Rescue Me Ohio.  They soon brought me to the realization that, as inspiring as Winograd can be, it is not truly…

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