Nowhere to Go But Up: One Day in Meigs County

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”
–Margaret Mead

It’s been a few months in the making, but Rescue Me Ohio’s first official Spruce Up Day at Meigs County Dog Shelter in Pomeroy, Ohio was just two days ago.  What started with a picture of a sad beagle needing rescue has turned into a multi-phase renovation project of the building and its operations.

The beautiful thing about this project was that it isn’t at all Rescue Me Ohio coming in to “save” the shelter in a poor town–instead, it is a collaborative effort between the warden, local volunteers and members of Rescue Me Ohio to do what can be done to give the dogs a better place to stay–all we are doing is helping shoulder the burden for a while and providing some momentum to see the loving volunteers’ dreams come true.

The day itself was beautiful and sunny, which helped amplify the warm feelings among the group.  Volunteers came from all over the state to join forces with the warden and local community members there to lend a hand.  Soon, the grimy walls became bright blue with fresh coats of paint…

The blue walls are bright and cheery, and soon the concrete floor will receive several coats of epoxy to provide easier cleaning.
The blue walls are bright and cheery, and soon the concrete floor will receive several coats of epoxy to provide easier cleaning.

…and the constantly backed-up drain was snaked out and repaired by our commercial plumbers who came to help.


It was amazing the amount of progress we made for just one day!  But we still have so far to go and need some help.  The next phases of the renovation will include overhauling the kennel area and building individual kennels for the dogs, improving the electrical system, obtaining more supplies and organizing them, and fixing the ceiling.  Then, we will write some grants to try and obtain some funding to sustain the operations of the shelter and provide medical care to the dogs as they come in.

If you’d like to help out on our next day, or you know of some supplies that you can get donated, please let me know at ksummers @!  We still need lots of help and keep looking for great volunteers who want to join our efforts!  Keep watching for more information on Spruce Up Day: Phase II!


5 thoughts on “Nowhere to Go But Up: One Day in Meigs County

  1. Do you plan to do more work at Meigs or are you moving onm to another shelter? There is a
    Pgh couple wanting to donate a window are conditioner for the kennel area, but Im not sure if its doable for the kennel itself. I do now its been terribly hot in that kennel.. and it would be a godsend if it could be managed for the dogs


    1. Thank you so much! I don’t think it would work for Meigs but there are many other shelters in Ohio who may need it! I would recommend contacting your local county shelters, and if they can’t use it–please message Rescue Me Ohio on our Facebook page. Thanks again!


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