Penelope cover

On this holiday weekend, as we contemplate and celebrate the very concepts of freedom and heroism, we want to share with you the inspiring rescue story of a mother dog and her four pups who were most likely destined for the fighting ring, or worse, to be used as bait dogs. She has paid her freedom forward in a way nobody could have imagined.


Flashback: DAYTON, OH 5/31/13:  Twelve dogs, suspected of being part of a dog fighting ring in a still ongoing investigation, were rescued from a filthy house on West Fairview. They had been abandoned with no food or clean water and were chained to fences or swing sets. Responding officers said a mother dog and her four puppies, not even 2 weeks old, were covered in their own urine and feces.  They were all taken to Montgomery County Animal Resource Center .  This is where the story of our heroine Penelope begins, you see she was that mother dog and those were her four puppies.

On June 5, 2013 Miami Valley Pit Crew came in and changed Penelope and her pups lives forever when they provided them rescue and an incredible foster family stepped up to offer them love and a safe haven.  After only two days of being in the safety of loving and sheltering arms, Penelope, who had been very protective of her pups and understandably suspicious of people, began to transform.  She began to wag her tail when her foster mom came in.  A few more days into her freedom Penelope’s true nature continued to reveal itself.  “It gives me such an unbelievable feeling of joy to see Penelope start dancing when she sees me” says her foster mom,  “She comes running down the hall at top speed and then jumps up and hugs me with her paws just to make sure that she will not miss any kisses”.  Her babies continued to grow and became happy, healthy, and well adjusted puppies.  If this were a play you  might think this would be the moment the standing ovation came in.  But our heroine was not quite ready to take a bow just yet.itty bitty pitties

On June 13, 2013 the Humane Society of Greater Dayton contacted Miami Valley Pit Crew about a litter of small pit mix puppies, only one or two days old at the most, who had been dropped off at the shelters front door. No mother, just the pups. They were so newly born that they still had their umbilical cords attached. Once again, MVPC came to the rescue.  Understanding that there is no substitute for the protection offered young puppies in mother’s milk and since there was no mother to nurse, their thoughts turned to Penelope. Would this Mama Lion- who had herself been abandoned with no food or water just two short weeks before – be willing to share the life giving food source of her own puppies?  Penelope’s disposition had revealed itself to be one of a loving nurturer so they decided it was worth a try. As her foster mom brought the puppies in to her wrapped in a towel, Penelope began to cry, almost to the point of becoming frantic.  As the towel with the puppies was presented to her, she began to root around with her nose and then she did something that shocked everyone.  She went to her “nursing corner” the place where she nursed her own puppies, then proceeded to roll over on her back and waited for them to put the puppies on her so they could nurse.  Mama Lion was in fact Mama Lamb.  And how do the new siblings feel about sharing their mommy and home with these new little puppies? The pictures leave no doubt – they not only accepted these little itty bitty pitties but truly love them as if they were their own littermates.

penelopes puppies
Penelope feeding her hungry blended family

So now you see why we have chosen the lovely Penelope as our own Dayton Hometown Heroine.  The dog who was rescued a little over a month ago from a life of unimaginable sadness and fear has already rescued others in need.  We are hoping that you might be willing to help us write the ending to her story. While two of her own puppies already have adoptions pending, the remaining two puppies are still searching for forever families.  In a few weeks  Penelope and the three itty bitty pups will be needing a home of their own as well. The question “Who Rescued Who?” is usually an easy one to answer for those of us who have adopted rescues, however in Penelope’s case, it takes on a whole new meaning.  Could you be the family who will stand up and continue to pay it forward for Penelope and her pups?   Please share her story again and again, and let’s all lend a hand so that we can end this amazing tale with… AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Penelope Collage
Happily ever after….

If you are interested in adopting Penelope or any of her pups, please contact Collette at Miami Valley Pit Crew at


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