Spotlight: Dogs on Deployment

As a pet owner, I often think about the unthinkable:  Something happening to me and not knowing how I would care for my two dogs.  I could never imagine having a job commitment that could leave me frantically searching for a temporary home for my dogs, with little time to spare.  But thousands of men and woman, who bravely serve our country, are forced into that situation every day.  Could you imagine not having any options available, and needing to surrender your dog to a shelter?

I couldn’t, but earlier this year a bittersweet but heart-warming story about a stubborn dog named “Reggie,” who loved tennis balls, made its way around the internet.  Maybe you cried your eyes out while reading it 3 or 4 times, like I did.  The funny thing is the story wasn’t actually true but it touched me — and millions of other dog lovers — so much, it didn’t matter.  It spoke of a bond that only someone who has accepted a dog into their family would understand.  It showed how this kind of love will stick with you forever, and even given the worst case scenario, you do whatever it takes to make sure they are taken care of.

Here’s a quick recap of the beautiful story.

Reggie, who was a black lab, was waiting to be adopted at a local shelter.  A young man, who had just moved into the city, decided to ease into his new life a little better by getting a dog.  He choose Reggie.  Reggie came with a box of toys, mainly tennis balls, his dishes and a sealed envelop from his previous owner.  All things that would help with the transition.  Except all didn’t go as planned and after two weeks, the young man was set on returning the pup.  But before he did, he found that sealed envelop and decided to give it a read.  “Reggie” was actually named Tank, and his owner, Paul Mallory, was in Iraq, serving his country.  Paul wrote the heartbreaking letter for Tank’s new owners in case he didn’t make it back, which is what happened.  The letter showed how deeply Tank was loved and how heartbreaking saying goodbye was.  Needless to say, Tank didn’t go back to the shelter and was never called “Reggie” again.

Again, that story is fiction, but with how wonderfully it illustrates the love between a man and his dog… it doesn’t matter.  The bond you form with your cat or dog lasts a lifetime.  They become another member of your family and making arrangements for them would have to be one of the toughest things to do.  Thankfully, there are a few programs that can help those departing overseas find good, temporary homes for their pets.  Programs that can offer piece of mind and security, while being away.  Dogs on Deployment is one of them!

Dogs on Deployment is one of them!


Dogs on Deployment, or DoD for short, has a simple but wonderful mission:

Our mission is to give military members peace of mind concerning their pets during their service commitments by providing them with the ability to find people and resources able to help them.

How Does It Work?

DoD is an online resource for military members who are in need of a temporary home for their pets.  They can search for volunteers in their area who are willing to board their pets when they are deployed.  This is solely an online network where both, military members and volunteers, register their pets and

Does DoD Choose Boarder for Pet in Need?

No.  DoD is an online listing site that allows military members to choose the volunteer who will board their pet.  Dogs on Deployment are not responsible for any outcome of a boarding arrangement.

Do They Adopt or Permanently Re-home Pet in Need?

No.  Dogs on Deployments helps connect military members with volunteers who are willing to board a Pet in Need.

What Are The Requirements to Become a DoD Boarder?

Anyone can register to become a DoD Boarder!  If you are renting, it is required that your leasing agency is contacted before you start boarding.  If you’re a homeowner, the only requirement is that there are no county restrictions of the type of pet you will be boarding.  (Breed Specific Laws could be an issue.)  Also, the pet owners could have requirements like having a fenced in yard or a cat-free home.  This is all dependent on each specific pet.

How Do I Contact

If you are or know someone who could benefit from using Dogs of Deployment’s services please contact them here: Dogs of Deployment.


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