Helping Hands Campaign meets Meigs County

I love being a part of Rescue Me Ohio because between all of the members, there can be dozens of great ideas floating around every day.  If you could see us behind the scenes, you could liken it to a beehive or ant colony–constant activity and members of a community hard at work for the betterment of our surrounding society!  It’s an amazing experience, truly, especially when some of the ideas get put into motion.

Which brings me to the topic at hand–how the Helping Hands Campaign came to be.  One day, an amazing woman and dedicated volunteer at the Meigs County Animal Shelter named Rebecca reached out to a member of RMO (Suzan) with a picture of a sad beagle who needed rescue.  Suzan, in turn, shared the photo with the rest of the beehive and we buzzed around it!

“Does anyone know a rescue who will take him?”  “Wow, he looks so sad.  Let’s ask _____ if they have room.”  “Hmm, it looks like that kennel could use some sprucing up.”  Thus, the idea was born.

Spring Spruce Up Day!–Meigs County Dog Pound
May 4, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
41790 Fairgrounds Rd, Pomeroy, OH 45769


With the support of Meigs County commissioners, wardens and volunteers, we are gathering a group of volunteers who can address some of the main concerns of the shelter and seeking donations to cover it.  We’ve got certified plumbers, electricians and contractors on board, as well as general handy-people.  And we have people who just want to be there to do what they can and maybe play with some dogs! We’re planning to paint and seal all of the concrete, change out the fencing and make some more kennels, hook up some appliances and find rescues for the dogs there at that time.

We’re very excited, but we need more supplies and the event is less than three weeks away!  If anyone can help, please message us on Facebook or e-mail me at

Contractor Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Pet Supplies


Concrete paint/epoxy Heavy duty hoses Linens, towels, blankets Vinyl fabric rolls
Painting supplies Scrub brushes/mops Elevated dog cots Rat traps
Sand Bleach Dog toys Freezer
Chain link fencing/posts Magic Erasers Dog food pails Gift cards
Cinder blocks Rags/cloths HW/Flea preventative Drop ceiling grid system
Concrete Dewormer Ceiling tiles
Electrical boxes Crates/pens Industrial fans
Plywood/lumber Slip leads

We also have an Amazon Wishlist set up at:
Keep updated at our Facebook event page:

We here at Rescue Me Ohio understand that not every shelter can have a lot of resources and support.  We understand that most people are trying as hard as they can to do what is right with what they have.  Rescue Me Ohio does not judge or criticize these situations because the rescue community doesn’t need any more of that.  We are just here to help and do what we can to support the efforts of shelters and rescues in this state.  We just want to fill in the gaps that exist–and if you want to help us, we’d love to have you join us on the first of what we hope to be many successful Helping Hands campaigns.